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Ready to step into a new you?

One of my favorite talents

is the ability to create an energetic match that moves you forward

in your pursuit to present

your most authentic self.


Online hair image consult & distance Reiki healing session


 This 40 min zoom appointment

 will go over :

Your new Identity,

The do's and don'ts of styling,

How to communicate the color and style you are trying to achieve,

what to look for when deciding on a stylist.

Along with setting up your distance Reiki session.

Almond Blossom

By guiding you thru words & visuals,

together we can create the hairstyle/color plan that truly


how you want to feel

when you look in that mirror.

When we combine a reiki healing session we begin to work on the energetic body to balance and align

with the physical image.

If Life is about growing and evolving!

Let's have fun with it!

Together we can create an energetic

and physical balance.

Thru Reiki healing and your

hair color/style

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