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Welcome to the Kurly world of

Here we celebrate curls and

embrace what makes you unique,

which also, connects you

to so many.

Embrace your natural texture,

embrace you.

If you need a little help

I got you!

Presenting virtual curl consulting/coaching


Fashion Photography

If you have ever found yourself

frustrated and unsure of how to

get the most out of styling your hair

or maybe your child's hair

then this is the opportunity

to have a curl professional

in your home (via zoom)

guiding you through

the care and styling of your hair

This is a 60min online session

designed to assist you in understanding what your hair

requires to be its best

(we celebrate curl individuality here so no we won't be taming the curl just freeing it ;)


To schedule a session

I'm thrilled and honored

to be a part of your curl

loving journey!

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